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    Remember that the first step for the manufacture of steel is to collect raw materials such as:

    • Níquel
    • Chrome
    • Iron ore
    • Molybdenum
    • Others that can be melted

    1.-Primary manufacturing. We start with the selection and deposit of the material to be melted in an electric furnace and then it proceeds to be heated.

    Note: The heating process can last between 8 and 12 hours.

    2.- Elimination of excess carbon. The material is melted in electric furnaces of more than 100 tons of capacity. A lot will depend on how much material you want removed as it will be placed in a vacuum oxygen decarburization system.

    3.- Tuning. To distribute, we shake the molten steel, thereby eliminating the components of the mixture.

    4.- Formación del metal. – Se comenzará con el laminado en caliente mientras el acero se enfría. Esto ayudará a que se obtenga dimensiones precisas.

    5.- Cold rolling. – There will be a system of water showers that will allow the steel to cool down and thus recover the properties of the metal.

    6.- Proceso de corte.   The metal undergoes a cutting and shaping process to obtain the final product. To obtain the desired final thickness, a specific reversible rolling mill is used.

    7.- Finishes. Depending on the finish, different lines are determined to obtain the final product. Finally it is distributed and marketed.


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